Welcome to LHN Design!

Hi, my name is Long H. Nguyen and I am a graphic and web design specialist and photographer currently residing in Fort Myers, Florida who will cater to all your graphic design needs, from web to print. Feel free to browse my extensive portfolio filled with logos, corporate identities, photography, graphic/print design, web design, advertising, editorial design and a vast amount of work in the field of color correction and photo touchup that will dazzle and amaze.

If you like my work and feel you think I may benefit your needs, just contact me and I’ll try my best to help, no job is too big or too small! Contact me at


Ryne Schillinger

Richard Thompson

Ray Flowers

Benajmin Willis

Buford Taylor



Born in Minnesota.

Raised in Florida.

Fell in love with Georgia.

Molded in Colorado.

Has a love for Italy.

Wishes he was in Vegas.



This portfolio is just a sample of the work I do. If you wish to see more, please contact me.

I am currently employed at Parr Media/Parr Moto, doing work for many clients. Please check out their website if you wish to see some of my current work. Thanks.